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Child Vaccination Is Mid-Term Election Issue

On March 4, 2020, California (Population 40 million) was the first US State to declare a Covid-19 lock-down. Reported Covid-19 Cases at that time: 3,000 World; 129 USA; 53 California. There were only a few deaths of high-health-risk patients. 42 other US States declared lock-downs after California. The resulting lockdowns, masks and social distancing destroyed  Full Article…


Covid Vaccines Spread Covid

The current Covid-19 Vaccines only work for a few months and they remove natural immunity. As a result, those vaccinated can become infected multiple times and they become super spreaders who infect others. This is why Covid cases and deaths spike as the percentage of those vaccinated increases. If these vaccines removing natural immunity are  Full Article…


American Patriot Actions – Next 12-Months

American Patriots generally believe the winning strategy to defeating Biden’s “Oligarchy of Elites” American Marxism and government control is either “ballots or bullets”. Some feel “ballots” promise imaginary judicial or political solutions that will never happen (like decertifying the 2020 Presidential Election). Some feel “bullets” are outside the mainstream and will never be needed. Regardless  Full Article…