Australia Is New Marxism Clinical Trial

The elected Australian National and State Government Leaders, Legislators, Bureaucrats, Judiciary, Military and Law Enforcement are working together to take control of their Citizenry of 25.7 million people. They benefit in their efforts by being an island nation with a generally friendly and unarmed population; speaking the same language and living primarily in urban areas. Their efforts are made easier because the citizens have no rights to be protected; the Government has plenty of money to spend as they choose; and they have the benefit of using modern and powerful data and social technology for planning, operations and surveillance. The only limiting factor is having enough resources willing and able to enforce Government directives and a supportive news media to communicate the needed messages.

The Clinical Trial was designed to use Covid-19 fears and health controls as a justification and means for imposing control. Roll-out involved directives and mobilization of lockdowns, masking, social distancing and vaccination mandates. Improvements were made to have new variants of Covid-19 surface to keep the crisis going for extended periods; and booster vaccination requirements were added to help keep everyone involved.

Initial results of the Clinical Trial were outstanding and all the plans and tools were found very effective during the first year. However, unfortunately, over time too many Citizens stopped supporting the Program and protests are beginning to ramp up in all major cities.

In order to guarantee achieving the desired results, Government has: conducted new propaganda initiatives, issued anti-dissent regulations and fines; used aggressive intimidation tactics; employed severe and potentially lethal physical force; made arrests without trials; created apartheid separation of vaccinated and unvaccinated; forced involuntary vaccinations; and forced involuntary detention of citizens in WellNess Camps for extended periods.

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