Trump Indicted-New York

Donald J. Trump was indicted by Manhattan DA Alvin Bragg on April 4, 2022. The charges were not stated and Legal Experts say the indictment is not valid. American Patriots must wake-up to the Progressive Efforts to take over America and GET BUSY for 2024.


  • GOV Propaganda (WH, DOJ, FBI), Twitter, Facebook, MSM, Covid Pandemic.
  • NY-Manhattan-DA Felony Indictment for Falsified Records-no Charge Details. First US President ever indicted in history. DA campaigned on “getting Trump”.
  • NY-AG pursuing Trump Family and Business Tax & Deal Convictions. AG campaigned “Trump not legitimate President”.
  • Special Prosecutor: “Boxes Hoax” – FBI Mar-a-Lago Document Raid (Biden has 1800 documents from when VP, Clinton destroyed 33K emails & data), Personal Items Taken, J6 “Insurrection” under investigation.
  • GA-Fulton County DA pursuing 2020 Election Interference Charges.
  • J6 Protest Congressional Commission => Democrat appointees, No Rebuttal Evidence, No findings.
  • J6 Prisoners= > GOV Enabled Capitol Access, Trials Delayed for 2024 Election Cycle, Fabricated Charges, Hidden Exculpatory Evidence, no MED care, held in horrendous conditions including solitary.


  • GOV Propaganda, Covid Pandemic Restrictions, Mueller Investigation.
  • Congressional Impeachment -1, Congressional Impeachment -2.
  • Soros Funding AG, DA Candidates, Zuckerberg Funding $400M Ballot Harvesting.
  • New Election Law Changes, Election Fraud ( AZ,GA,MI,NV, PA, WI).
  • Hunter Biden Cover-Up (Biden got 17% vote increase), 51 Intelligence Experts said” Hunter Laptop was Russia Disinformation”.
  • Family and Business Tax & Deal Investigations.


  • GOV Propaganda, Campaign Spying
  • Russia Hoax, DOJ/FBI FISA lies, False Steele Dossier, Hillary Clinton Actions Ignored.
  • Family and Business Tax & Deal Investigations.

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