Fiscal Responsibility Act 2023

The laughably named “Fiscal Responsibility Act of 2023” passed by the Republican House is an example of how corrupt and ineffectual Washington has gotten. “We The People” have not been treated well and there must be a reckoning with all YES votes in the 2024 Election.

Amazingly, after the Republican Controlled House passed the Fiscal responsibility Act of 2023 which raised the US Debt Level $4 Trillion with no cuts, the Democratically Controlled Senate passed a bill to remove the controversial $400 Billion Student Loan Forgiveness that was left in the Republican Sponsored Bill. But the Democrats can still spend the $400 Billion on something else since the Debt Ceiling was raised $4 Trillion.

President Biden signed the $4 Trillion Fiscal Responsibility Act of 2023, but vetoed the Bill to block the $400 Billion Student Loan Forgiveness…only a 2/3 majority can override his veto… which won’t happen. If the Supreme Court rules the President can order paying $400 Billion without legislative authorization… the Student Loans can be forgiven (if the DEMS are willing to take the political heat in an Election Cycle). If the Supreme Court says it can’t be paid, the DEMS will blame the Court and work on stacking the Court. Many REP and DEM Legislators will say they voted NO on the Student Loan Forgiveness. The DEMS get $4 Trillion to spend. Welcome to the SWAMP.

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