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Adam Schiff Censure Should Have Passed

The Republican Majority House failed to pass 2023 HR489 to Censure, Condemn and Fine Adam Schiff. 20-REPS voted NO and another 5 were Missing or Not Voting. Some non-supporters didn’t want to violate Schiff’s Freedom of Speech. How would our Founding Fathers deal with the Adam Schiff Russia Collusion Lies and Misinformation to strongly convey  Full Article…

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Fiscal Responsibility Act 2023

The laughably named “Fiscal Responsibility Act of 2023” passed by the Republican House is an example of how corrupt and ineffectual Washington has gotten. “We The People” have not been treated well and there must be a reckoning with all YES votes in the 2024 Election. Amazingly, after the Republican Controlled House passed the Fiscal  Full Article…