Universal School Choice Helps Save America

America no longer has limited government, a robust civil society or a basic Christian ethical framework because Progressives have waged a successful hundred-year campaign to install a new bureaucratic morality and exploit the American separation of church and state.

This happened despite Conservatives in the United States waging a hundred-year campaign to reduce the size of government, and because civil society in the United States has been in free fall for decades (Family, community, faith organizations, civic participation have all collapsed). The state has taken over the function of the family, church, and the civic organization. Progressive theories of race, sex, and power have maintained that all existing social structures are forms of oppression. They have succeeded without popular consent bypassing the democratic process, replacing justice with a materialist form of social justice, capturing the state bureaucracy, and pushing their ideology through the public universities, K-12 education, and the administrative state. Their goal is to invert Christian moral ethics and smash all of our institutions.

Many Conservatives “woke up” in the last few years that left-wing racialist and sexual ideology was everywhere. It was in public schools, state universities and the federal government. Over the last three years things have evolved from the 1960s radical tradition, which was explicitly Marxist-Leninist, explicitly revolutionary, and explicitly violent, openly calling for the full-scale overturning of American society. They have translated those revolutionary principles into bureaucratic language which rationalizes their revolutionary ideology to seem normal and accepted which is being adopted by state and private institutions.

There is now an all-knowing class of administrators that operates on universal principles in the best interest of society, but in a way superior to the democratic will of the people. The bureaucracy knows best. The HR manager that brings in this ideology sets the culture for everyone else in a more mundane way and he or she believes this is really in the interest of the universal good. And in the United States, this bureaucratic ideology takes the form of “diversity, equity, and inclusion.” They look at this bureaucratic ideology as a total replacement for God, meaning the organic social institutions, meaning the male-female sex binary as part of Creation, and then, of course, replacing the Christian moral ethic with a new secular revolutionary moral ethic.

What can be done? It’s time for American conservatives to begin, in some sense, to make peace with the state. We’ve tried to reduce the size of the state and it hasn’t worked for a full century. We also need to reapprise the line of separation between church and state, or between the moral system and the governing system to have a more rational line of approach. Universal School Choice is a common sense solution that will yield a few results. One is that they’ll reduce the size of the state over time. Every child that exits the public school system and goes to a private option is going to be slowly reducing the monopoly of the state government. Second, it decentralizes power. It takes power away from the bureaucracy and gives it to families. And third, it provides the opportunity for a revitalization of religious communities—not mandated by the state, but in some ways enabled by this policy.

==> Paraphrase of Christopher F. Rufo “Liberalism’s Achilles Heel “ Speech April 20, 2023 #maga #DEI

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