Operation Warp Speed Was Bad

The Trump Administration “Operation Warp Speed” was implemented as a means to help combat the Covid-19 Pandemic, but it was co-opted by Government Bureaucrats, Big Health and Big Pharma and the results were actually bad. WHY?

  • The Global Covid-19 Pandemic was fabricated to justify and enable Government Controls and Free-Speech was suppressed.
  • Covid-19 was not deadly for most people; and cheap, safe treatments were available (HCL, IVM).
  • Trump Team did authorize early use of HCL but it was suppressed by the Deep State. If HCL or IVM worked there could not be VAX EUA.
  • VAX does not work and caused severe health problems for some (including death). Moderna had their VAX ready 48-hours after getting the Code from Wuhan Lab.
  • VAX Mandates, Masking, Social Distancing, Business and School Closures were not scientifically justified and destroyed America.
  • Too many Government and Industry OWS players were either incompetent or malicious in their intent and actions.

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