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American Freedom 2022 Action Objectives

American Freedom 2022 Action Objectives: We must stop these travesties, obtain justice for victims, and punish the guilty to protect loved ones’ and assure our children’s destiny. Download PDF: American Freedom 2022 Action Objectives PDF Download JPG: American Freedom 2022 Action Objectives JPG Download WORD: American Freedom 2022 Action Objectives WORD Download TXT: American Freedom  Full Article…


Global Covid-19 Action Plan

1. Stop Covid-19 Pandemic Fear Campaigns Covid-19 is not a “major threat” to society that warrants the current global propaganda and draconian government intervention and actions. Covid-19 has a mortality similar to Viral Influenza. Children are at very low risk from Covid-19. Some patients with comorbidities are at higher risk (similar to Viral Influenza). Covid-19  Full Article…

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Increased Covid Hospitalizations Must Be Explained

Being hospitalized for any illness is very concerning to patients and their families and cannot be taken lightly. All Americans need to understand our current Covid Status to determine where things are and what we believe needs to be done. Government must immediately provide answers to the following questions: 1) What new Covid-19 cases and  Full Article…

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The Emergency Powers Myth

When the states formed the federal government in 1789, they did so pursuant to the Constitution. The Constitution was written to establish and limit the federal government. In 1791, just two years later, the Constitution was amended to add the Bill of Rights. The original understanding of the Bill of Rights was that it restrained  Full Article…

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