Canada Has De Facto Political Prisoners

The Canada Freedom Convoy 2022 will go down in history as the start of Worldwide Freedom Movements whereby Citizens peacefully take back their Countries and escape Political Prisoner Status.

The Canada Freedom Convoy 2022 delivered a FREEDOM payload for Canada, America and the World. There is some unfinished business, however. Pat King is being held as a political prisoner for his support of the Canada Freedom Convoy 2022. The Canadian Government has held him and his friend George Billings in jail without Bail since Feb 18 and Feb 20, 2022, respectively. It seems he will not be released until pleading guilty to at least one of his currently 10-charges? George Billings was finally released June 15, 2022 after pleading guilty to a charge of Counseling to Commit Mischief which he didn’t commit. Other organizers and participants in the Convoy had their Canadian Citizen and Judicial Rights and Freedom’s restricted. They are effectively being punished without proper rule-of-law or recourse and their lives are being intentionally ruined. The Canadian Government made arrests and seized property based on an illegal Emergencies Act, and is illegally restricting access to bank accounts and millions of donation dollars; and blocking access to Court proceeding information to the public based on “Cabinet Confidentiality”. No one can overtly come to Pat’s defense from the Canada Freedom Convoy since they have signed Bail restraining agreements to avoid jail themselves.

It is clear the Canadian Government is making all the protestors “Political Prisoners” because their Citizen Rights are not being protected, they are being silenced, and the Court conduct is hidden from the public.

The illegal Canadian Emergencies Act was used to arrest non-violent Canadian Citizens protesting for #Freedom against Government Mandates in Ottawa. They used violent, overwhelming force. Over a 4-day period from Feb 17 to Feb 20, 2022 the Canadian Government arrested over 200 people and they impounded over 50 trucks. Many vehicle windows were broken out and most towed vehicles had costly damage.

The following 2-minute video provides background on the Canada Freedom Convoy 2022:

The following 3-minute video provides views of some of the Canada Freedom Convoy arrests which took place Feb 18 thru 20 in Ottawa:


The following 2-minute video is an interview with Convoy Supporter Pat King:

Writing a letter to him in Jail is a great way to give support to Pat (who needs some friends after 100+ days in lockup without bail). Showing our support of Pat, George and others lets them know they are not alone. It also lets the Canadian Government know they will not take his FREEDOM without accountability. 10’s of thousands of letters written in good taste are a good start. Don’t include hate speech, stickers, loose items or Money (Cash or Check).
Donating Money directly helps Pat get needed legal support and pay his Bail. The next Bail Hearing is June 14 (if not postponed again).

2244 Innes Road
Ottawa, ON, CANADA
K4B 4C4

To send money with Interac e-Transfer you will need to use your own Account at https://Interac.CA
Recipient Email: [email protected]
eTransfer Password: freepat (all lower case)

This is a travesty for us all (including Americans who have their own Jan 6 Prisoners to vindicate).

Thousands of 18-wheelers, 4-wheelers, cars, motor homes and farm tractors converged on Ottawa from every corner of Canada for over a 3-week-long protest. Many Canadians (including flag waving horseback riders) cheered them along their journey from town to town. Thousands of trucks were involved and over 2.5 million people went to Ottawa to protest (including many families with children). There was no violence. There was only love of country, respect for fellow citizens, and a desire for Freedom.

We all watched the Convoy peacefully roll into Ottawa and praised the Convoy Leaders (and story tellers like Pat King and “Freedom” George). We saw videos of them in their motor home on the road and on the streets of Ottawa contributing in their own ways. We believe they made major contributions to generate interest worldwide. Please don’t leave Pat behind.

We hope all Canadians will rally to free Pat King, George Billings and any others; and finally WIN your overall case for Freedom. Further, it seems like Canada is holding prisoners without the legal or financial means to tell their story and get out of jail; or return their lives, financial status or legal status to normal. What happened to the $ millions contributed by supporters? These were peaceful protestors every day of the Convoy and during the Ottawa Gathering asking for results and justice from the Prime Minister, the Canadian Legislatures, the Provincial Governments, and the Courts.

The following 6-minute video is an interview with some of the Canada Freedom Convoy 2022 Organizers:

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