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Are J6 Protesters Being Persecuted

Many J6 Prisoners have been held for extended periods in horrendous conditions. Many charges appear fabricated and exculpatory evidence is missing. The DOJ states there are over 1,000 more J6 Protesters for trial over the next 3-years, some have not been arrested. J6 Prisoner Investigation Questions, include: Did the government enable (or help stage) J6  Full Article…


Canada Has De Facto Political Prisoners

The Canada Freedom Convoy 2022 will go down in history as the start of Worldwide Freedom Movements whereby Citizens peacefully take back their Goverments and escape Political Prisoner Status. The Canada Freedom Convoy 2022 delivered a FREEDOM payload for Canada, America and the World. The Tyrannical Actions of Canada’s Government against the Peaceful Protests have  Full Article…


Global Covid-19 Action Plan

1. Stop Covid-19 Pandemic Fear Campaigns Covid-19 is not a “major threat” to society that warrants the current global propaganda and draconian government intervention and actions. Covid-19 has a mortality similar to Viral Influenza. Children are at very low risk from Covid-19. Some patients with comorbidities are at higher risk (similar to Viral Influenza). Covid-19  Full Article…

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