Adam Schiff Censure Should Have Passed

The Republican Majority House failed to pass 2023 HR489 to Censure, Condemn and Fine Adam Schiff. 20-REPS voted NO and another 5 were Missing or Not Voting. Some non-supporters didn’t want to violate Schiff’s Freedom of Speech.

How would our Founding Fathers deal with the Adam Schiff Russia Collusion Lies and Misinformation to strongly convey their own views and assure that “We The People” get the best advice and TRUTH in our Federal Government?

America’s Founding Fathers would have awarded Adam Schiff four “Benedicts” for his pervasive lying and disinformation pertaining to Russia Collusion.
4 Benedict Rating

Adam Schiff would have been charged and tried for treason and sedition by our Founding Fathers.

2023 HR489 to Censure Adam Schiff should have Passed the first time it came to vote. The fact that it eventually was passed does not mitigate the Republican House Weakness.

We also must overcome the small “Republican House Majority”. Republicans have 222 seats and need 218 votes for a Simple Majority (they can lose 4 votes). They lost 25 votes for the Adam Schiff Censorship. The Democrats usually deliver all their 213 votes and they often pick up the 5 Republican votes they need for a Majority. We must stay in the game and rebuild the Republican Party in 2024 to WIN.

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