Tucker Carlson Turning Point Recap

Tucker Carlson Turning Point Conference Recap:

  • Covid was Hoax, 2020 Election was Stolen, Jan6 was Not Insurrection
  • American Democracy, Free Speech, Honesty and Heritage is Under Attack and Crime is Rampant
  • Americans are Not Standing Up for Their Interests (way of life, values, traditions)
  • DEM Government Propaganda and Issue Redirection is the Normal
  • DEM’s Raise Issues to Obfuscate or Create Conflict and Dissention
  • Thought Crimes not Real Crimes are DEM Priorities
  • Today Lying is OK but Truth Telling may be Punished
  • American Government Lacks Effective Leadership
  • REP Party is Broken
  • — Too many REP DC Legislators do Not Fulfill Voter Promises
    — Too many REP DC Legislators Work on Their Own Priorities Not REP Priorities
    — Too many REP DC Legislators Accept DEM Issues Without Challenge

  • Bad DEMS and Bad REP’s may Work Together to Loot the Country
  • Ukraine War Escalation was Started by Politicians Without Citizen Authorization
  • Ukraine, Covid and Jan6 are Core DEM Issues That Cannot Be Challenged

Excerpts Extracted From: Turning Point Action Conference Video July 20, 2023 (No Rights Claimed)

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