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2024 American Credo Suggestions

2024 AMERICAN CREDO SUGGESTIONS: Americans will reclaim our government to enforce our Constitution; allow free speech; remove bureaucracy; protect family, faith and community; restore the Nation’s founding principle of citizen rule; and, restore dignity, traditions and mastery over our lives. Americans will control and manage our federal bureaucracy, including banning the “diversity, equity, and inclusion”  Full Article…

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Jason Aldean Song Is Important

Jason Aldean Song “Try That In A Small Town” is Waking Up American’s All American Patriots know things are not right in our Country and we must start paying attention and peacefully make major changes in 2024. Video Source: Unknown (No Rights Claimed)


Tucker Carlson Turning Point Recap

Tucker Carlson Turning Point Conference Recap: Covid was Hoax, 2020 Election was Stolen, Jan6 was Not Insurrection American Democracy, Free Speech, Honesty and Heritage is Under Attack and Crime is Rampant Americans are Not Standing Up for Their Interests (way of life, values, traditions) DEM Government Propaganda and Issue Redirection is the Normal DEM’s Raise  Full Article…

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Ukraine War Must Be Stopped

“Ukraine on Fire” film was released in 2016 by Oliver Stone about the “2014 Revolution in Ukraine”. The Film is very relevant to the 2022 and 2023 conflict between Ukraine and Russia still raging today. A central premise is that the United States led the effort in 2014 to overthrow the existing Ukrainian Government and  Full Article…


Fight The Climate Change Hoax

The Global Oligarchy of Elites are now prioritizing Climate Change to create fear, and to continue their Covid-Hoax-enabled control and Freedom restrictions. The simple truth is: 1) Earth is not currently getting warmer due to things mankind is doing. The average global surface temperature and sea level has not changed significantly for 8,000 years (including  Full Article…


It Really Is A Jungle Out There

Top | Français | Deutsch | Nederlands | Português Brasileiro | Mexicano | In this woke world we must never forget “it really is a jungle out there” and we must support each other to survive and win. American Revolution 2.0 begins November 5, 2024. Stand United, Be Strong, Never Give Up. Video Credit: BBC  Full Article…

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Operation Warp Speed Was Bad

The Trump Administration “Operation Warp Speed” was implemented as a means to help combat the Covid-19 Pandemic, but it was co-opted by Government Bureaucrats, Big Health and Big Pharma and the results were actually bad. WHY? The Global Covid-19 Pandemic was fabricated to justify and enable Government Controls and Free-Speech was suppressed. Covid-19 was not  Full Article…

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Adam Schiff Censure Should Have Passed

The Republican Majority House failed to pass 2023 HR489 to Censure, Condemn and Fine Adam Schiff. 20-REPS voted NO and another 5 were Missing or Not Voting. Some non-supporters didn’t want to violate Schiff’s Freedom of Speech. How would our Founding Fathers deal with the Adam Schiff Russia Collusion Lies and Misinformation to strongly convey  Full Article…

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Trump Arraigned – Miami

Donald Trump was arraigned in Miami, FL on June 13, 2023 after being Indicted by Special Prosecutor Jack Smith for Classified Records he possessed at Mar-a-Lago. After a long day in Miami, Trump gave an excellent speech from his Country Club in Bedminster, NJ. His concluding speech excerpts answer the question: “Why Trump”. Americans must  Full Article…

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