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American Freedom is being crushed by our Progressive/Marxist Government. We are becoming a Quasi-Capitalistic clone of Communist China. What must we do? Push-back on the Government overreach and mandates by legal action, legislative action, elections, and protests. Demand changes and results. Assure that politicians stop talking and pass or repeal necessary laws (not just conduct  Full Article…


American Freedom 2022 Action Objectives

American Freedom 2022 Action Objectives: We must stop these travesties, obtain justice for victims, and punish the guilty to protect loved ones’ and assure our children’s destiny. Download PDF: American Freedom 2022 Action Objectives PDF Download JPG: American Freedom 2022 Action Objectives JPG Download WORD: American Freedom 2022 Action Objectives WORD Download TXT: American Freedom  Full Article…


Covid-19 Health Facts

Top | Français | Deutsch | Nederlands | Português Brasileiro | Mexicano | Русский | CHILDREN SHOULD NOT BE FORCED TO VAX Negligible clinical risks from Covid-19 infection exist for healthy children under eighteen and natural immunity works best and promotes herd immunity for children. Children have 0% statistical probability of Covid-19 death and very  Full Article…


Peaceful Freedom Fighter Guide

Top | Français | Deutsch | Nederlands | Português Brasileiro | Mexicano | Русский | The rising level of Global Restricted Freedom and Government Control based on the “Covid Hoax” can be stopped peacefully if you are smart, strong and stand together. What should you do to take your Country back: (v6–2021Dec30) 1) Recognize “Global  Full Article…


Ivermectin Cures Covid

Top | Français | Deutsch | Nederlands | Português Brasileiro | Mexicano | Русский | And then what I call the “miracle of Uttar Pradesh” in India, which is, the world’s quietest miracle in history. I think this is a public health achievement that should go down in history and maybe someday will when we  Full Article…


Covid VAX Should Not Be Mandated

Covid-19 is not a deadly disease, it is similar to Influenza. Only the health-compromised and elderly are at risk. Using available treatment therapeutics would have saved millions of lives globally. All current Covid-19 vaccines do more harm than good and their risks exceed their benefits. They do not work for prevention, which is their purpose,  Full Article…


Americans Must Defend Our Freedom Globally

The Global Elite “Covid Hoax” Take-Over of America is happening. Americans must wake up and get busy now, because: 1. Over 50% of Americans are vaccinated, but Covid deaths in 2021 are greater than before the VAX was available in 2020. The VAX does not work, removes natural immunity, and spreads Covid. Using available Therapeutics  Full Article…


NIH Ivermectin Study Designed To Fail

The National Institutes of Health (NIH), currently in progress, $155 million Phase 3 Clinical Trial to “Study Repurposed Drugs to treat Covid-19” using Ivermectin will FAIL because they are administering Ivermectin for only 3-days instead of 7- to 10-days and not including other key components of successful protocols (i.e. Zinc, D3, C) and anti-biotics. In  Full Article…