American Freedom is being crushed by our Progressive/Marxist Government. We are becoming a Quasi-Capitalistic clone of Communist China.

What must we do?

  • Push-back on the Government overreach and mandates by legal action, legislative action, elections, and peaceful protests.
  • Demand changes and results. Assure that politicians stop talking and pass or repeal necessary laws (not just conduct inquiries for TV).
  • Identify and correct weaknesses in past voting to assure Honest Elections.
  • Participate in Community/Local Government, State and National Elections. Elect fair, honest, competent and hard-working people who understand and respect their job; and who wish to return home as Citizens after a few terms in office. Be a Candidate. Donate.
  • Breakdown the power structure in Washington, DC: Require Balanced Budgets; Set Elective and Agency Appointment Term Limits; Prohibit Unions in Civil Service; Revise or eliminate needless Federal Regulations and Federal Agencies; Restore Energy Independence; and Return Federal Lands to the States.
  • Protect our National Heritage, Rule-of-Law, Economy and Freedom.

How did we get here?

  • Our leaders have promoted that we are not a good, great or sovereign Country and should become part of a New World Order.
  • Our government has used a Covid-19 Hoax to create health fears that allow them to take our Freedom and exert their Control.
  • Our News is filled with untruths and Government Propaganda. No dissenting views are allowed.
  • Our Rule-of-Law is being co-opted.
  • We have porous National Borders where anyone can enter.
  • Our National Elections have been compromised.
  • Male and Female gender identity is being erased.
  • Being White is bad; Non-Whites are rewarded and given preferences; Social Equity, not Equality is the standard.
  • Race and Class are used divisively.
  • Our institutions are being intentionally broken down. Family and Faith are discouraged and co-opted. Hard work and success is discounted. A Welfare-State is being created.
  • Religion is being suppressed.
  • We are being forced and taught to become “woke”.
  • Crime is increasing but Law Enforcement is being attacked.
  • Our Justice System is becoming politically woke. The DOJ, FBI, some Judges and Courts seem like political activists.
  • Our Education System has been dumbed-down and Unionized and the cost of Education has soared.
  • Our children are being propagandized and not learning what they need. Parents are losing their rights.
  • Our Military is being made politically woke and those with differing views are being culled.
  • Our National Economy is failing. Inflation is Rampant. Energy costs are rising sharply. Food shortages are here.
  • We depend on Chinese and other foreign supply chains.
  • Our President is demonstrably not capable of leading the Country and looks like a Clown on the World Stage.
  • Many legislators and key bureaucrats of all parties are inept or woke political hacks. They don’t care about citizens; they care about themselves, power, and their ideologies.
  • Millions have needlessly died or suffered severe health impacts because of the Government’s failed Covid-19 vaccine and prevention policies.

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