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We Need Non-Vaccine Covid-19 Treatments

A number of non-vaccine, safe, low-cost, in-home treatments are proven to significantly reduce Covid-19 hospitalizations and deaths. India’s Uttar Pradesh State Government (241 million citizens living in high-population density) administered Ivermectin/Doxycycline and cases dropped 97% (current active cases are 1,923). Ivermectin use in other Indian States had significant case reductions: Delhi, Uttarakhand, and Goa cases  Full Article…


What Made George Washington Great

It’s only fitting on July 4th that we give some credit to George Washington who had all the qualities we need in our Presidents. This excellent video narrated by John Rhodehamel made by PragerU was on YouTube. Please Click the Video Link below to view the 5 minute presentation. KEEP AMERICA GREAT



Today we officially launch: and If the American Founders had the internet 245 years ago we believe they would welcome and support our mission, content, and objectives. Check it out for yourself? HAPPY FOURTH OF JULY and KEEP AMERICA GREAT


What is Communism

Communism is a form of Socialism based on common ownership of business by the State (or Collective), with no social classes and no representative government. The Government (State) is authoritarian in nature and the people have no freedom of speech and very limited rights. The State manages the economy and the population top-down, as it  Full Article…

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