Time To Act America

  • VAX for age5 and under approved. They are spinning up their VAX Machine. UK Study, VAX child 300 times more likely to die.
  • DoD begins firing 100,000 military (all Branches, Active and Reserve)for not getting VAX.
  • Biden Admin (and New World Order) continues to hide Covid-Hoax Story and signals new Pandemic is coming. Masks and Lock-Downs may be back.
  • California Bans estimated 70,000 independent owner-operator truckers from working. Forcing them to join union companies.
  • Canada restricting Free Speech and Rule of Law.
  • Netherlands shuts down Agriculture, Farmers Protesting Nationwide.
  • Biden empties part of strategic oil reserve and sends to China and others instead of increasing domestic oil production.
  • USA/Mexican Border at Invasion Level. Border States taking Constitutional Militia actions.
  • Biden Admin now says China is the major threat to USA, but may still remove Trump-Era Sanctions.
  • USA leads NATO in de facto Declaration of War against Russia. Will send 40,000 more USA military to NATO borders near Russia. Biden Admin action taken without Congressional Approval or public debates.
  • Biden Admin admits their is evidence of extra-terrestrial contact with Earth. Seems to not be a very big deal to them for some reason?
  • China indicates they will claim ownership of the MOON in conjunction with their upcoming space expedition.
  • American Military not getting enough Volunteer Enlistments even thought physical standards are lower. Draft For Military Service may be needed.

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