American Revolution 2.0

Americans must work together peacefully to win the 2022 mid-term and 2024 general elections and replace the Communists destroying America by imposing mandates and co-opting our rule-of-law and free speech.


This is not a political party issue, this is our American freedom and governance issue for the next decade. Bad actors must be replaced and punished. We must defend our Constitutional Republic “rule-of-law” and defeat the Tyranny of Elites Oligarchy that has taken Control.

Our focus now is instituting major changes in America after we win increased legislative control in 2022 and 2024, and have our President in Command in January 2025. In 2022, this requires attaining majority status in the US House of Representatives to block more Communist legislation. Obtaining a majority in the US Senate in 2022 will allow both chambers to work together on our Agenda. Increasing our control in 2024 to a supermajority will allow us to make changes more quickly after winning the Presidency. If we don’t win at least US House of Representatives majority in 2022, the Communists will continue un-opposed since we will have no real legislative power until January, 2025.

After we win US House of Representatives majority in 2022, we must assign strong Legislative leaders and make effective Committee Assignments. In 2023 and 2024, our Legislators must write extensive legislation that will protect and restore our Country. The new legislation will include: suspension of the Patriot Act, Federal Emergency Powers and invalid Executive Orders; rule-of-law adherence directives; election reforms; border security/immigration reforms; public safety reforms; Energy Independence; balanced budgets; term limits; restructuring or eliminating Federal Agencies (e.g. DOJ, FBI, DHS, CDC, DOE, EPA, DOT, DHHS); deleting or adding Federal Regulations; prohibiting unions in Federal employment; and return of Federal public lands to the States. This is an ongoing process because New legislation may be required to address actions taken by the Communists in 2023 and 2024.

We must take back our Education System by Parental Involvement to eliminate Critical Race Theory, Radical Gender Theory; and implementing School Choice. Teacher Unions must be eliminated. Public Elementary Schools, Colleges and Universities must adhere to the US Constitution and support America. Private Colleges and Universities must not receive Public financial support.


We do not need or want ongoing “Public Hearings/Investigations Circus”.

Our Legislators should use hearings and any investigative tools behind the scenes to develop their new legislation and institute criminal prosecutions. To assure full transparency, the activity of Congress must be clearly documented for public access.

The Global Community is facing similar issues in their own political destiny. Many Western Countries are experiencing freedom of speech restraints, rule-of-law violations, election fraud, and government mandates.

For example, Brazil faced a critical Presidential Election in October, 2022 that affected Democracy when a Communist was allegedly fraudulently elected via Voting Machine Ballot Count Falsification. Brazil became a Democratic Federative Republic in 1984 after having military control from 1964 to 1984. It is the 5th largest country geographically and the 7th largest population (214 million).The current President Jair Bolsonaro is Conservative, Brazil First. His motto is “God, Country, Family, Freedom”. His challenger favors Socialism/Communism and is a former Progressive President jailed for corruption and money laundering who could not run in 2018 but was released from jail by the allegedly corrupt Brazil Supreme Court to run again in 2022. Millions of Brazilians are protesting the election requesting the Election to be Annulled and a Military Take-Over until a new Election is held using paper ballots on a single day.


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