Covid VAX Should Not Be Mandated

Covid-19 is not a deadly disease, it is similar to Influenza. Only the health-compromised and elderly are at risk. Using available treatment therapeutics would have saved millions of lives globally. All current Covid-19 vaccines do more harm than good and their risks exceed their benefits. They do not work for prevention, which is their purpose, they have no treatment value, and they require multiple boosters. In addition, some vaccines remove natural immunity forever, and they allow break-through infections which create super spreaders. Some vaccines use new, untried, designs which modify human DNA, the health impact of which may not be known for years to come.

Children’s VAX Concerns:

Children should not be vaccinated because they have 0% statistical probability of Covid death and very low risk of serious illness. High risks of heart issues have surfaced (Myocarditis is serious). Impacts of heart issues may not show for several years. Testing for adolescents was too limited and could not show the true vaccine risk potential.

Everyone’s VAX Concerns:

  • There is Level 1 evidence the vaccines harm (there should never have been a EUA). The clinical trials did not prove safety, they proved harm. Risk of myocarditis and death is greater than risk of infection for most people. Relative Risk Reduction (RRR) is far less than 50% required for EUA.
  • Approval of vaccines was based on lower levels of scientific evidence over short study periods (no long term safety data). For some vaccines, Human Phase II and III trials were combined into 2-months before EUA and the Placebo Group was allowed to cross-over which provides no control group for future testing.
  • Trials and testing did not follow accepted protocols, was more subjective than objective, and some key data was manipulated. Highest risk target populations were under-represented in testing (age-75+ represents 58% fatality risk). Test designs were flawed in subject selection, methods, data gathering and reporting. On-going monitoring, surveillance and follow-up were lacking. All-cause mortality & illness was not tracked or reported.
  • Government, Big Medicine and Big Pharma have exhibited conflicts of interest that are not in patient’s best interest.
  • There is no evidence of spread reduction to justify VAX Passports (disease transmission and spreading has never been tested). and
  • Serious adverse events are not being reported.

PDF: Ivermectin Cures Covid – Dr Pierre Kory
CCCA-Don’t Give Children Pfizer Vaccine:
FLCCC Alliance Hospital Treatment Protocol

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