Australia Is On The Edge

Wakey-Wakey Everyone. We all need to understand the majority of Australians want to replace their current Government because of Covid-19 Hoax Vaccination Overreach. Why? The Australian Government has imposed severe lockdowns and vaccination mandates, repressed Freedoms, is putting unvaccinated in “Concentration Camps” and is administering Covid vaccinations by force (starting with their Indigenous Community in the Northern Territory). This is modern-day totalitarianism and pure Marxism as part of the New World Order (NWO).

Australians are protesting in large numbers and conducting strikes. Local law enforcement and the military seem to be backing the Government, so far, using force against unarmed citizens. As a result, many protest groups are forming and becoming active. Some current politicians are beginning to support replacing the current Federal Government Leadership.

We can help Australia by taking care of our own government Covid-19 Hoax Vaccination Overreach and blocking Marxist initiatives. View this 8 minute Video by Australia One Party Leader Riccardo Bosi to understand how similar Australia’s situation is to all our situations:

In addition to some Australian Military training to force Covid Vaccinations on Australian Citizens, as unbelievable as it sounds, some Australian Military have been trained to shoot targets from moving vehicles.

View this brief Video by Riccardo Bosi (former Commander of Australian Army Special Forces) regarding the Military Covid-related Training:

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