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Americans Must Defend Our Freedom Globally

The Global Elite “Covid Hoax” Take-Over of America is happening. Americans must wake up and get busy now, because: 1. Over 50% of Americans are vaccinated, but Covid deaths in 2021 are greater than before the VAX was available in 2020. The VAX does not work, removes natural immunity, and spreads Covid. Using available Therapeutics  Full Article…


Australia Is On The Edge

Wakey-Wakey Everyone. Australians are protesting in large numbers and conducting strikes because the Australian Government has imposed severe lockdowns and vaccination mandates, repressed freedom, is putting unvaccinated in “Concentration Camps”, and is administering Covid vaccinations by force (starting with their Indigenous Community in the Northern Territory). This is modern-day Totalitarianism and pure Marxism as part  Full Article…


Child Vaccination Is Mid-Term Election Issue

On March 4, 2020, California (Population 40 million) was the first US State to declare a Covid-19 lock-down. Reported Covid-19 Cases at that time: 3,000 World; 129 USA; 53 California. There were only a few deaths of high-health-risk patients. 42 other US States declared lock-downs after California. The resulting lockdowns, masks and social distancing destroyed  Full Article…


Biden Issues New Covid Orders

In his speech on August 18,2021, Biden requested everyone get a booster Covid vaccination within 8-months of their second shot. He made no mention that the CDC/FDA approvals were ONLY for ImmunoCompromised (which includes HIV positive, chemotherapy, and hereditary health issues) to get Boosters 28-days after their second Covid Vaccine Shot. His Booster Announcement brings  Full Article…

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Covid-19 Facts

1. Covid-19 is not a “Killer Disease”. It is a viral respiratory health condition similar to influenza where high-risk patients (elderly, comorbidities, weak immune) may need significant medical attention. Covid-19 survival rates by age: 0-19 99.997%, 20-49 99.98%, 50-69 99.5%, 70+ 94.6%. Note: The accuracy of RT-PCR tests has been questioned. 2. Current Covid-19 vaccines  Full Article…

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