Child Vaccination Is Mid-Term Election Issue

On March 4, 2020, California (Population 40 million) was the first US State to declare a Covid-19 lock-down. Reported Covid-19 Cases at that time: 3,000 World; 129 USA; 53 California. There were only a few deaths of high-health-risk patients. 42 other US States declared lock-downs after California. The resulting lockdowns, masks and social distancing destroyed America by creating widespread fear, personal tragedy, and economic ruin. Children experienced serious mental health and societal impact.

On October 1, 2021, Governor Gavin Newsom was the first in the Nation to declare a K-12 (ages 5 -17) Vaccination Mandate for California with a Plan to vaccinate ages 2- 4 next. Reported K-12 deaths at that time: 26 California K-12 Youth (Population 6.6 million) died from Covid-19 since the pandemic began. Most of the 26 K-12 Deaths were unhealthy with serious comorbidity factors (e.g. obesity). K-12 youth have a greater chance of dying from injury, homicide, suicide or non-Covid diseases.

We now know that Covid-19 is not high-risk for healthy people. Youth have strong immune systems to combat Covid and to create herd immunity. The current Covid-19 vaccines only work for a few months and they remove natural immunity. As a result, those vaccinated can become infected multiple times and they become super spreaders who infect others. This requires periodic booster vaccinations for as long as Covid is a threat (maybe life-long). The current Covid vaccines given to Youth have caused adverse health reactions (e.g. blood clots, heart problems, strokes) and even deaths. Safe, inexpensive, at home Covid-19 treatment protocols are available that will cure Covid in less than 7-days (e.g. ivermectin and hydroxychloroquine).

Since Governor Newsom indicated the California K-12 Youth Vaccination Mandates will begin either July 1, 2022 or November 1, 2022, it is clear the Biden Oligarchy of Elites plans to make this a wedge Mid-Term Election Issue. They may delay until Federal and/or State legislation & mandates are available that allow Age-12 to get VAX without parental permission.


As more parents begin to understand children don’t need Covid-19 vaccinations and vaccines present greater risks to children than Covid, they are rejecting getting their child vaccinated. Conversely, if a parent wishes to have their child vaccinated that is their right.

We must all do everything in our power to support those that do not want vaccinations (for children or adults). This requires us to prevent our governments, communities, schools, businesses, employers and health providers from issuing vaccination mandates and from lockdowns, discrimination or punishment of all unvaccinated children or adults.

This PDF prepared by a Canadian Group has good information to educate people about child vaccinations:
Protecting Our Children From Covid-19 Vaccines

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