Australia Is Our “Canary in the Coal Mine”

We all need to wake up and realize the Australian Government Controls being imposed before our eyes is an advanced version of what is happening in our Country (and around the World).Let’s look at the Facts:

1) Many National/State/Local Government Leaders, Legislators, Bureaucrats, Judiciary, Military and Law Enforcement are working together to control our Freedom and bypass/invalidate Citizen Control of Government.
2) An Oligarchy of Elites is using all their levers of power and unlimited funding to accomplish their objectives globally with uncanny commonality and closely coordinated timing.
3) They are supported by Big Media, Big Tech, Big Business, BIG Unions, Big Pharma, Big Medicine and Big Education.
4) They have plenty of money to spend and powerful data and social technology for planning, operations and surveillance. Their only limiting factor is having enough resources willing and able to enforce Government directives and a supportive news media.
5) They may: conduct propaganda initiatives; issue anti-dissent regulations and fines; use aggressive intimidation tactics; employ severe and potentially lethal physical force; make arrests without trials; force involuntary vaccinations; and force involuntary detention of citizens for extended periods.

Their Global Control Strategy uses Covid-19 fears and health controls as the justification for imposing Government Controls (with Climate Change as a helpful friend). Their implementation involves: widespread propaganda, lies and dissimulation; directives and mobilization of lockdowns, masking, social distancing and vaccination mandates. To keep the Covid crisis going for extended periods they surface new variants of Covid and require booster vaccinations to help keep everyone involved.

They only focus on Covid infection prevention using new, untested vaccines. They do not allow treatments to cure Covid using available therapeutics. They shut down businesses and restrict employment availability. The result, to date: many families and small businesses have been made to suffer; a generation of children have been lost to society; and many people have needlessly died.

An apartheid social structure is being created for vaccinated and unvaccinated. In America, white vs. black is being made a central issue. Equity is replacing Equality as an American Credo.

Unfortunately, too many people do not recognize or believe these facts. Some people recognize what’s going on but believe there’s time to sort things out at the ballot box. Some Americans believe, when they’re ready, they can set the clock back to 1776 to solve all these problems.

It’s time we all get busy and take action to keep our canaries alive globally (starting with our friends in Australia). Please comment with your ideas on what needs to be done. This URL has some suggestions: Peaceful Freedom Fighter Guide


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