NIH Ivermectin Study Designed To Fail

The National Institutes of Health (NIH), currently in progress, $155 million Phase 3 Clinical Trial to “Study Repurposed Drugs to treat Covid-19” using Ivermectin will FAIL because they are administering Ivermectin for only 3-days instead of 7- to 10-days and not including other key components of successful protocols (i.e. Zinc, D3, C) and anti-biotics. In addition, the study group is not controlled in terms of how long since they were infected. Ivermectin protocols using in-home self treatment starting within 1 to 3 days are most successful. The longer people are infected before starting treatment, particularly with elderly and those with comorbidities, the less successful are treatment results.

For successful treatment of Covid-19, the following rules apply: include the additional elements to enhance immune systems and stop viral replication and an antibiotic to knock-down any bacterial infections to help the patient recover quickly; and consider the protocols are most successful with early treatment. Also, proper dosage based on body weight is critical (some prior studies of Ivermectin and Hydroxychloroquine used fatal dosages or not enough of the test dose).(References: India Uttar Pradesh State and El Salvador Covid-19 Treatment Kits)

NIH has allowed and is allowing people to die because they do not include Ivermectin (or Hydroxychloroquine) in their Approved Covid-19 Drug List (and they issue negative propaganda). With people dying from Covid-19, why is the NIH Ivermectin Study scheduled to be completed December, 2022, findings to be announced March, 2023, and study data to be available to approved entities September, 2023? In the 2-years between Study Announcement on April, 2021 and March, 2023 (planned Study Results) hundreds of thousands of avoidable Covid-19 deaths and millions of avoidable Covid-19 cases could occur worldwide.

To save lives, since there is already massive and incontrovertible “living” evidence that Ivermectin and Hydroxychloroquine each work to cure Covid-19, why couldn’t they have studied just 6-months of results with the proper protocol to get approval as soon as possible?

PDF: Ivermectin Cures Covid – Dr Pierre Kory
NIH ACTIV-6 Study Announcement
NIH ACTIV-6 Study Plan
Zelenko Protocol
FCCC I-MASK Protocol
FCCC I-MATH Protocol

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