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Independence Day 2022 Is The New 1776

America was founded as a Constitutional Republic with a defined role for our Federal and State Governments (including the Rule of Law), and a defined Citizen’s individual Bill of Rights. Our Independence is being overrun by Politicians, Bureaucrats and Evil Cohorts who prefer Socialism or Communism run by an Oligarchy of Elites. They do not  Full Article…


Obama 2.0

It seems Barack Obama Is BACK…as the “Shadow President”. Barack Obama (and his Administration) was the primary Progressive “change agent” that worked to undermine US Democracy and Freedom; promote increased Federal Government Control; weaken the US Constitution and Bill of Rights; promote Racism, and move America toward Socialism/Communism and a Global Society. Obama and his  Full Article…


American Patriot Actions – Next 12-Months

American Patriots generally believe the winning strategy to defeating Biden’s “Oligarchy of Elites” American Marxism and government control is either “ballots or bullets”. Some feel “ballots” promise imaginary judicial or political solutions that will never happen (like decertifying the 2020 Presidential Election). Some feel “bullets” are outside the mainstream and will never be needed. Regardless  Full Article…

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