American Patriot Actions – Next 12-Months

American Patriots generally believe the winning strategy to defeating Biden’s “Oligarchy of Elites” American Marxism and government control is either “ballots or bullets”. Some feel “ballots” promise imaginary judicial or political solutions that will never happen (like decertifying the 2020 Presidential Election). Some feel “bullets” are outside the mainstream and will never be needed.

Regardless of your beliefs, this is the time to follow Patrick Henry’s sage advice: “United We Stand, Divided We Fall”. Everyone should continue to work on their own priorities, stay involved, and be active. However, WE ALSO MUST:

1) Recognize This is Not “Business as Usual” (American Marxism and Government Control is Real, and the Clock is Running).
2) Pool Our Resources, Stand Together and Work to Accomplish Results Under the US Constitution (Convince PACs and 501c Organizations to Get Tactical and Join In);
3) Tone Down the Public Dialog (Gain More Support, Don’t Drive People Away);
4) Peacefully Push-Back Against Government Controls (e.g. Covid Vaccinations and Masks);
5) Assure Honest Local, State and Federal Elections and Promote Voter Awareness/Orientation;
6) Protest Against School Propaganda (Critical Race Theory-CRT, 1619 Project);
7) Fight Crime and Support Local Police; and
8) Continue to Support Freedom, Liberty, Justice, Rule of Law and State Rights.


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