Obama 2.0

It seems Barack Obama Is BACK…as the “Shadow President”.

Barack Obama (and his Administration) was the primary Progressive “change agent” that worked to undermine US Democracy and Freedom; promote increased Federal Government Control; weaken the US Constitution and Bill of Rights; promote Racism, and move America toward Socialism/Communism and a Global Society.

Obama and his cohorts campaigned for the 2018 mid-terms, got involved in the 2020 Election Cycle, are involved in the 2022 Election Cycle, and “Obama 2.0” is reflected in Biden/Harris Cabinet Picks and Policies. So, let’s put the Spotlight BACK on who he is and what he did:

  • His stated intention was to “Fundamentally Transform America” and to “Redistribute America’s Wealth”
  • He wanted to create a “Civilian National Security Force” as powerful as the Military
  • His advisors were pro-gun control, pro-abortion, pro-same-sex marriage and anti-freedom of speech
  • He focused on Racial and Identity Group Separation “politics”
  • He was anti-law enforcement and anti-military
  • He traveled around the world criticizing America and never talking of America’s greatness
  • His actions in the Middle East supported the Palestinians over Israel
  • His regulatory actions and policies constrained business and reduced private ownership rights
  • He took over insurance companies, car companies and banks
  • He took away student loans from the banks and put them through the government
  • He took over the American Health Care System and put it under government control
  • He initiated the control of all energy in the United States through “Cap and Trade”
  • He made Global commitments that weakened America and transferred our wealth overseas
  • He legalized propaganda, empowered BIG TECH and inhibited free speech
  • He issued an Executive Order pertaining to Deferred Action for Childhood Arrival (DACA)
  • He co-opted the DOJ and FBI
  • He spied on Reporters
  • He spied on the incoming President
  • He covered up the waste of $1 trillion Infrastructure Funding
  • He covered up the Benghazi Scandal shortly before the 2012 Election
  • He covered up the Fast and Furious Scandal
  • He covered up the Hillary Clinton Scandals shortly before the 2016 Election
  • He amassed a $10 Trillion National Debt (more than all prior Presidents combined)

Unfortunately, he and his oligarchy of elites did and are doing many more things with a negative impact on America.
GET OUT AND VOTE REPUBLICAN in the 2022 mid-terms.

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