Jan 6, 2022 Freedom Mandate

The Biden Oligarchy of Elites actions and pronouncements on Jan 6, 2022 mandates Americans take action to save and restore American Freedom. Let’s join together and get busy!

Push-back on the Covid-Hoax by legal action, protests, and boycotts. Demand early Covid treatment using the Therapeutics that have been available since they started the “Pandemic”. Reject Covid mandates because: mandates are unconstitutional; Covid is not deadly for most; we have health-rights; VAX does not stop spreading and has minimal treatment benefits; and, VAX has adverse effects or removes natural immunity for some.

Identify and correct weaknesses in past voting to assure only Citizens Vote in Honest Elections based on our Constitution and State Rights.

Participate in Community/Local Government, State and National Elections. Elect fair, honest, competent and hard-working people who understand and respect their job; and who wish to return home as Citizens after a few terms in office. Be a Candidate. Donate. Vote.

Breakdown the power structure in Washington, DC: Require Balanced Budgets; Set Elective and Agency Appointment Term Limits; Prohibit Unions in Civil Service; Revise or eliminate needless Federal Regulations and Federal Agencies; Restore Energy Independence; and Return Federal Lands to the States.

Protect our National Heritage and Borders! Make things in America! Stay Proud!

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