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Global Freedom 2022

Top | Français | Deutsch | Nederlands | Português Brasileiro | Mexicano | People all over the world are having their Freedom destroyed by Government Actions establishing a New World Order (NWO) based on World Economic Forum (WEF) principles and guidelines. Climate Change has been the primary justification for these actions, until the recent COVID  Full Article…


We Must Save America Now

America can’t wait 3-years to be “saved” until a new President is inaugurated in January,2025. By then the Biden Oligarchy of Elites (working with their many domestic and Global cohorts) will have solidified their Fascist/Marxist Control of America. Winning big in 2022 will not prevent bad things from happening. They have formidable federal and blue  Full Article…


Jan 6, 2022 Freedom Mandate

The Biden Oligarchy of Elites actions and pronouncements on Jan 6, 2022 mandates Americans take action to save and restore American Freedom. Let’s join together and get busy! Push-back on the Covid-Hoax by legal action, protests, and boycotts. Demand early Covid treatment using the Therapeutics that have been available since they started the “Pandemic”. Reject  Full Article…