We Must Save America Now

America can’t wait 3-years to be “saved” until a new President is inaugurated in January,2025. By then the Biden Oligarchy of Elites (working with their many domestic and Global cohorts) will have solidified their Fascist/Marxist Control of America. Winning big in 2022 will not prevent bad things from happening.

They have formidable federal and blue state Levers of Power, unlimited money (most of it ours), dedicated supporters, a really good propaganda machine, fawning corrupt media, The Deep State, unions, corrupt corporations, message control, foreign influencers and supporters, and a large group of Covid Cult VAX’d citizens terrified of the UnVAX’d and willing to follow their directions. Sadly, they also have a group of feckless and corrupt Republican politicians making things easier. Who knows, they may even be able to control or delay the 2022 and/or 2024 Federal Elections. There may be a new “Armageddon-Class Covid Variant” that will require everyone to live underground in shelters.

We have our love of Freedom (and America) based on our Constitution and Bill of Rights, a deep sense of family; most of us have: a belief in others and god, respect for hard work, basic honesty and a proper sense of fair play and fair justice.

We must understand what is happening in America (and around the World) is a real Fascist Coup of government control (this is not academic theory). The Covid Hoax has been used worldwide. Believe the Facts, as incredible as they seem. For example, The UK on January 19, 2022 said they are dropping all Covid mandates for VAX, masks and social distancing. President Biden on the same day said ALL Americans (and everyone on earth) must be vaccinated. He is sending billions of Covid-19 test kits made in China to our homes and making sure our schools have N95 masks made in China for our children. Although it is proven Covid-19 is not deadly for children, all of our children must be vaccinated with unsafe and unproven vaccines. Pfizer says they are now ready to vaccinate 6-month old children.


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