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Jan 6, 2022 Freedom Mandate

The Biden Oligarchy of Elites actions and pronouncements on Jan 6, 2022 mandates Americans take action to save and restore American Freedom. Let’s join together and get busy! Push-back on the Covid-Hoax by legal action, protests, and boycotts. Demand early Covid treatment using the Therapeutics that have been available since they started the “Pandemic”. Reject  Full Article…


Why Are Term Limits Important

In 2022 more than 50% of the current US Senate and 25% of the current US Congress would be prevented from running if a 12-year Cumulative Elected Federal Service Term Limit existed. 20% of US Senators have lengthy service records. 8 US Senators have served between 6 and 8 terms, 4 between 4 and 5  Full Article…

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What are Term Limits

Term Limits restrict the number of “terms” an office holder may hold office for a specific office. This issue is important to those do not want “career politicians”. Many US Localities and States have Term Limits for a variety of elective offices. Currently, the US Constitution, which pertains to Federal offices, only limits the US  Full Article…

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What Is A Convention of States (COS)

When the Founders finalized the US Constitution they included in Article V the means to Amend the US Constitution to make improvements and to address future needs… a Convention of States (COS). COS Delegates must meet (convene) to prepare the Amendment language which would then need to be approved (ratified) before becoming part of the  Full Article…

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