We Need Non-Vaccine Covid-19 Treatments

A number of non-vaccine, safe, low-cost, in-home treatments are proven to significantly reduce Covid-19 hospitalizations and deaths. India’s Uttar Pradesh State Government (241 million citizens living in high-population density) administered Ivermectin/Doxycycline and cases dropped 97% (current active cases are 1,923). Ivermectin use in other Indian States had significant case reductions: Delhi, Uttarakhand, and Goa cases dropped 98%, 94%, and 86%, respectively. India has saved 100’s of thousands of lives using Ivermectin (a 40-year old, FDA approved, Noble Prize winning drug taken safely orally by millions without any side effects). India also has saved untold hospital resources by in-home treatment.

El Salvador, Mexico City and several Argentina States had similar success. Many African countries have low Covid-19 caseloads because they already use Ivermectin for parasite control. Other countries are starting to use Ivermectin (Japan, Bangladesh). Other anti-viral treatments such as Hydroxychloroquine, Azithromycin, Vitamin D3 and Zinc protocols are successful. To learn more about Ivermectin, Click this Link

The Global Vaccine Lobby (medical community including WHO, CDC, NIH and some doctors; government leaders; government bureaucrats; media; big pharma and big tech) have suppressed knowledge of these available treatment options and blocked their approval for a variety of reasons. They also have conducted aggressive disinformation campaigns to favor vaccines, and patented drugs; and disparage these non-vaccine treatments. As a result, 100’s of thousands of lives have been needlessly lost and many patients have needlessly suffered.

The Global Vaccine Lobby also has forced Covid-19 lock-downs; issued vaccine and mask mandates, and controlled our lives with lies. We now know that Covid-19 is no more deadly than Influenza for most people; current vaccines are not effective and pose health risks; RT-PCR testing is inaccurate and cannot detect variants; and masks don’t work.

The only currently approved Covid-19 treatment is Remdesiver, which is in-hospital and costs $3,120.00+USD. WHO has stated that Remdesiver does not work and is unsafe for some, but it is still being used in the USA. In-hospital cost $13,000.00+USD, In-hospital Intensive Care Unit cost $30,000.00+USD; In-hospital Respirator cost $48,000.00+USD; in-home cost $0.00USD. Currently unapproved, in-home, Covid-19 Treatment Protocols: Ivermectin cost $0.12USD, HydroxyChloroquine cost $0.20USD. Many Covid patients admitted to hospitals tested positive but are asymptomatic and mildly affected, over half are vaccinated. Many are in hospital for other reasons and tested positive. Many deaths attributed to Covid had other primary causes of death.

Current Covid-19 vaccines have proven to lose effectiveness and not work for new variants. As more people have become vaccinated their natural immunity has been compromised by mRNA, they have become super spreaders of the new variants, they have become infected by the new variants (breakthrough cases), and many have died from Covid or the vaccines. Unvaccinated people have proven to recover from Covid infections and they have built natural immunities to all variants that are 27 times greater and more robust than the Vaccinated. Once the Covid vaccine removes your natural immunity you will need to get periodic future vaccinations to control Covid infections (maybe life-long boosters).

Young people are not high risk from Covid and they have strong immune systems. They have higher chances of death from injury, homicide, suicide or other deseases. If they are vaccinated, they also will lose their natural immunity to Covid, become super-spreaders and will likely become more easily infected by the new variants. Once their natural immunity is removed by the vaccine, they also will need to get periodic future vaccinations to control Covid infections (maybe life-long boosters). Some youth have experienced severe reactions to the vaccinations (blood clots, heart conditions, strokes and death).

Because the Covid-19 vaccine development and introduction was rushed for the pandemic, the usual in-depth testing was not completed. No one knows the future health impacts associated with the mRNA vaccines.

The Vaccine Death Report PDF

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