Trump 2020 Arizona Election Fraud Audit

Trump lost the Arizona 2020 Election by 10,457 votes statewide. The $5.71 Million Arizona Senate Maricopa County 2020 Final Election Audit Report was issued September 24, 2021. The Audit identified 50,000 to 75,000 ballots that appeared to be fraudulent in the County where Phoenix and the State Capitol is located. Additional suspect ballots have been identified in Pima County which is now being audited.

Cyber Ninja Findings (Maricopa County Ballots):
Biden picked up 360 votes in the hand-recount. 49,718 potentially fraudulent ballots were identified.
Who got the votes should be determined for the 5.3.1 to 5.5.5 Report Findings results.

Cyber Ninja Maricopa County Ballot Audit Finding Details:

Number Finding Name (Critical, High & Medium) Ballots
5.3.1 Mail-In Ballots Voted From Prior Address 23,344
5.4.1 More Ballots Returned By Voter Than Received 9,041
5.4.2 Voters That Potentially Voted In Multiple Counties 5,295
5.5.1 Official Results Does Not match Who Voted 3,432
5.5.2 More Duplicates Than Original Ballots 2,592
5.5.3 In Person Voters Who Had Moved Out of Maricopa County 2,382
5.5.4 Voters Moved Out of State During 29-Day Period Preceding Election 2,081
5.5.5 Votes Counted In Excess of Voters Who Voted 1,551
*** Total Ballots To Research Further: 49,718

Echo Mail Findings (Maricopa County Ballot Envelopes):

19,633 Mail-In Ballot Envelopes were duplicates or had signature problems; 6,645 Mail-In Ballots were processed by the County that were not included in envelopes given to Echo Mail. The Audit did not identify who got the votes for these 26,278 identified Mail-In Ballot Envelope anomalies.

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