We Have Some Freedom To Restore

American (and Global) Liberty, Freedom and Justice is being threatened by an “Oligarchy of Elites” imposing Fascist/Marxist government control hiding behind a Covid-Hoax.

Conservative “experts” and political pundits have outlined almost every related issue or problem (usually without a proposed solution). Even when Conservatives understand what is going on some continually dwell on “who is doing, who has done, who will do, who didn’t do, or who should do” something pertaining to their Political Ideals to uncover a new transgression, like something, or hate something. The result is an endless stream of random, often unconnected, data points for whoever gets them. Some might consider this akin to “a circus coming to town”. We experience analysis similar to the famous joke about 2-people complaining. One person says: “A particular restaurant serves really bad food”, and the other responds: “I agree, and the portions are so small”

Since we have plenty of data points, we need a Plan of Action and we need Action. Under the US Constitution, our Plan of Action is winning elections, and accountability for current Elected Officials at all levels. We must stop talking, stop posting, get focused and spend all our energy and money to get Conservatives elected at all levels of Community, Local, State and Federal Government. This will give us control of the Government Agenda and the Levers of Power. We cannot be distracted by bright, shiny objects or “a circus coming to town”.

So it’s up to us, we must stay focused and “Put Up or Shut Up”. The only words that should be in our vocabulary until 2025 are: honest elections, good candidates, good policy platforms, voter turnout and WINNING.

For some ideas on what to do, visit this Page: Global Freedom Action Plan

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