Canada Freedom Convoy

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The Canada Freedom Convoy 2022 by all objective measures succeeded, and it was a catalyst for the world to take notice and get busy. There was some negative “propaganda” that was all lies. We monitored very closely… and we are very impressed. Good Job Truckers! Good Job Canada!

The following 6-minute video is an interview with some of the Canada Convoy Leaders. (Don’t know the source):

Pat King has a number of excellent VIDEOS on his Facebook Account:

Things are starting to move to re-gain our Freedom and take our power back from evil governments. Click this link to visit another page for details:

Global Freedom War Has Started

This song video JUST DRIVE by Jayme Knyx pertaining to the Canada Freedom Convoy 2022 is popular:

The Canadian Covid Care Alliance (CCCA) has an excellent FAQ on Covid: CCCA Covid FAQ

CCCA just issued a report documenting that the Canadian Government was unjustified issuing Covid Mandates for the past year: CCCA Covid Mandates Unjustified Video
CCCA Covid Mandates Unjustified PDF


Les choses commencent à bouger pour regagner notre liberté et reprendre notre pouvoir aux gouvernements maléfiques : Global Freedom War Has Started

Cette chanson vidéo JUST DRIVE de Jayme Knyx relative au Canada Freedom Convoy 2022 dit tout.

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Die Dinge beginnen sich zu bewegen, um unsere Freiheit wiederzuerlangen und unsere Macht von bösen Regierungen zurückzugewinnen: Global Freedom War Has Started

Dieses Songvideo JUST DRIVE von Jayme Knyx zum Canada Freedom Convoy 2022 sagt alles.

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Dingen beginnen te bewegen om onze vrijheid te herwinnen en onze macht terug te nemen van kwaadaardige regeringen: Global Freedom War Has Started

Deze songvideo JUST DRIVE van Jayme Knyx met betrekking tot het Canada Freedom Convoy 2022 zegt het allemaal.

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As coisas estão começando a se mover para recuperar nossa Liberdade e tomar nosso poder de volta dos governos malignos: Global Freedom War Has Started

Este vídeo de música JUST DRIVE de Jayme Knyx relativo ao Canada Freedom Convoy 2022 diz tudo.

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Las cosas están empezando a moverse para recuperar nuestra Libertad y recuperar nuestro poder de los gobiernos malvados: Global Freedom War Has Started

Este video de la canción JUST DRIVE de Jayme Knyx relacionado con el Canada Freedom Convoy 2022 lo dice todo

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Все начинает двигаться, чтобы вновь обрести нашу Свободу и отнять нашу власть у злых правительств: Global Freedom War Has Started

Это видео песни JUST DRIVE Джейми Найкса, относящееся к Канадскому конвою свободы 2022 года, говорит само за себя.

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