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Why Is Rule Of Law Important

As discussed in What Is Our Rule Of Law, we gain equality of all citizens before the law, secure a nonarbitrary form of government, and prevent the arbitrary use of power by following a Rule of Law. As American Citizens we must continually be aware of changes or lapses in Our Rule of Law. Since  Full Article…

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Why Are Mail-In Ballots Important

In recent Federal Elections, Democrats have supported widespread availability of Mail-In Ballots to make it easier for people to vote. Republican’s feel widespread use of Mail-In Ballots compromises Election Integrity. They feel the majority of votes should be cast in person at polling locations using Voter ID. The difficulty in authenticating Mail-In Ballots also is  Full Article…

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Why Is Voter ID Important

Article One of the US Constitution makes voting in Federal Elections a right and a privilege for all US Citizens. Under the Constitution each State is responsible for Federal Elections for their Citizens. A number of State and Federal Laws exist to define and manage voter rights, voter registration, and the voting process; including several  Full Article…

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Why Is Critical Race Theory Important

Encyclopedia Britannica Definition: Its developers believe Critical Race Theory (CRT) is important because it potentially provides a more realistic understanding of white racism in the U.S. as not merely a set of negative attitudes toward other racial groups but also a body of law and legal practices whose real-world effect is the oppression of people  Full Article…

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Critical Race Theory Video

Christopher Rufo has taken the lead with his reporting on Critical Race Theory. On June 14, 2021 Rufo posted the introductory video below on YouTube. It is the most comprehensive thing I have seen on the topic. He writes: The debate about critical race theory is coming to a peak this week, with coverage in  Full Article…

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Federal Public Land Holdings

In 2021 the Federal Government controlled 27.4% of America Public Land (623.3 million acres out of 2.3 billion acres). Federal Public Land Holdings include: 4.63% of the 13 Colonies (9.3 million acres); 4.4% of the States added in the next 50-years (16.3 million acres); but 51.6% of 12 Western States (577 million acres out of  Full Article…

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