Critical Race Theory Video

Christopher Rufo has taken the lead with his reporting on Critical Race Theory.

On June 14, 2021 Rufo posted the introductory video below on YouTube. It is the most comprehensive thing I have seen on the topic. He writes:

The debate about critical race theory is coming to a peak this week, with coverage in all major media outlets—and a fierce disinformation campaign from its supporters, who claim that opponents “don’t understand CRT,” that it’s “not being taught in schools,” and that state legislation seeks to “ban the teaching of history.”

I made this film to set the record straight, walking viewers through the origins of critical race theory, what it’s done to our public institutions, and how you can fight back in your community.

The following 18-minute Video provides essential information that should be understood and shared with others.

Video: Christopher Rufo Critical Race Theory

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