Why Is Critical Race Theory Important

Encyclopedia Britannica Definition: Its developers believe Critical Race Theory (CRT) is important because it potentially provides a more realistic understanding of white racism in the U.S. as not merely a set of negative attitudes toward other racial groups but also a body of law and legal practices whose real-world effect is the oppression of people of color, especially African Americans.

People supporting CRT (primarily Marxists and some Progressives) are actively teaching the Theory in American schools, the military, government agencies and some American businesses. This effort has created much controversy, and people not supporting CRT (primarily Republicans and Libertarians) are actively working to have it debunked and  removed  from discussion because they believe that Critical Race Theory itself is actually Racist because it is anti-white and founded in racial equity not racial equality.

Not surprisingly, many Whites are very concerned about how they are being portrayed and do not accept or agree with the underlying CRT premises. Social division and strife is beginning to surface regarding CRT. Parents are beginning to get involved with School Boards to find out how their children are being inappropriately influenced.


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