Conservative 2024 Guide

Make Conservative political arguments factually and through a moral lens; addressing conflicts of values, personal rights, actions, honesty and fairness. Be Actively Involved, Stay Focused, Donate, Be Proud, Stand United and VOTE in Local, State and National Elections.

Democratic Republic (aka Constitutional Republic not Democracy) success depends on the people involved. Support your common objectives, get good people in your governance process, and restore the firebreaks against oligarchy that existed two centuries ago.

Get Out and Vote for all Republican Candidates in the General Election even if your favorite did not win their Primary. Consider that Not Voting or Third-Party Voting are protests that may keep Democrats in Power. Please don’t make that mistake!


  • Proof of Citizenship-Based Voter ID
  • Only Paper Ballots
  • Single Election Day Voting
  • Simple Tabulating Not Programmable Voting Machines
  • No Mass Mail-in Ballots and Harvesting
  • No Ranked-Choice Ballots
  • No Outside Local Election Operation Funding


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