American Citizen Action Plan

Many PACs and 501c’s like Convention of States (COS) Action and America First Policy Institute with millions of members & dollars have worthwhile strategic goals: Balanced Budgets, Term Limits, Gun Rights, Big Tech, Religious Freedom, Pro Life, etc.., BUT if Americans don’t stop the government Covid Take-Over of Our Personal Freedoms and win State/Federal Elections in 2022 and 2024, none of what they are trying to accomplish will happen. The “Oligarchy of Elites” is fast creating American Marxism and destroying America more every day.

Concerned Americans must become more tactical to prevent the daily destruction and to block control of our political agenda/levers of power. We must focus on: A) Pushing-back on government controls; B) Honest Elections and Voter Turn-Out; and C) Freedom, Liberty, Justice, Rule of Law and State Rights. We must stick with our ABC’s to WIN.

Everyone’s political focus in the next six months must be: Fighting Covid Controls and School Propaganda (CRT, 1619), Honest Elections, Crime, and Voter Awareness/Orientation.

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