Covid-19 Response Elements

1) Aggressively Focus only on the At-Risk Population (elderly, comorbidities, immunocompromised).
2) Dispense the best available therapeutics to the At-Risk Population (e.g. low cost, easy to administer treatments that have proven highly effective such as: Vitamin D3, Zinc, Ivermectin (IVM)/Hydroxychloroquine (HCQ) and Azithromycin/Doxycycline).
3) Remove mandates for vaccinations, masks and social distancing (if someone wishes to be vaccinated or wear a mask, that is their personal choice.) Let government and business know it is wrong to force vaccinations because:
* With survival rates at 99.9% for most workforce ages, Covid-19 is not highly fatal.
* There is rising evidence that the vaccines have side effects of blood clotting and other vascular issues.
* There is increasing evidence that vaccines not only lose effectiveness within months, but that they also promote the mutations of new variants which creates super spreaders.
* Vaccinations remove natural immunity which prevents achieving herd immunity.
4) Develop and make available accurate Covid rapid testing that recognizes influenza and has minimum “false positives”.
5) Suspend Covid vaccinations until more research and proper testing is completed.

Video: Dr. Daniel Wayne Stock CSP-Physician Indiana Lic: 010377358
6-minute Speech to Indiana School Board August 6, 2021

Video: The Story of Ivermectin (25 minutes)

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