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American Citizen Action Plan

Many PACs and 501c’s like Convention of States (COS) Action and America First Policy Institute with millions of members & dollars have worthwhile strategic goals: Balanced Budgets, Term Limits, Gun Rights, Big Tech, Religious Freedom, Pro Life, etc.., BUT if Americans don’t stop the government Covid Take-Over of Our Personal Freedoms and win State/Federal Elections  Full Article…

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What is Federalism and State Rights

The USA was founded using the concept of Federalism whereby the National, State and Local governments would share governing power and each would have territorial powers and responsibilities. The primary Federal responsibility was National Defense … protecting the citizens from foreign aggression (e.g. the British at that time). The US President was the “Commander in  Full Article…

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US Senate Popular Vote Started 1913

America’s Founders built our system of government with State Rights and Citizen Rights to elect Federal Legislators. “Separation of Powers” was included to balance control between the Federal Executive, Legislative and Judicial. Their model was a Democratic Republic, not a Democracy with majority rule. The current Executive Election has Popular Vote and Electoral College. The  Full Article…

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Federal Public Land Holdings

In 2021 the Federal Government controlled 27.4% of America Public Land (623.3 million acres out of 2.3 billion acres). Federal Public Land Holdings include: 4.63% of the 13 Colonies (9.3 million acres); 4.4% of the States added in the next 50-years (16.3 million acres); but 51.6% of 12 Western States (577 million acres out of  Full Article…

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What Is A Convention of States (COS)

When the Founders finalized the US Constitution they included in Article V the means to Amend the US Constitution to make improvements and to address future needs… a Convention of States (COS). COS Delegates must meet (convene) to prepare the Amendment language which would then need to be approved (ratified) before becoming part of the  Full Article…

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