American 2022-2024 Election Strategy

1. Wrap-Up Election Fraud Investigations as soon as we know what was done in each State to prevent the same in future elections. Once we get Arizona documented, immediately begin the process of making Arizona change their fraudulent election procedures. Similarly, other States should make any needed changes to conduct honest-elections.
2. When enough fraudulent votes are documented to change the outcome of the 2020 Election, begin the process of overturning the 2020 Election. This process is essential to protect our Constitutional Republic (and is non-partisan at its core). Until there are enough documented fraudulent votes and the “decertification process” has actually begun, Stop Banging the Election Fraud Drums. American Citizens need to judge RESULTS, not the usual politician sound bites, smoke and mirrors.
3. Understand the Election De-Certification will be blocked by all the Biden “Oligarchy of Elites”, MainStreamMedia, BIGTECH, Woke Capitalists, Deep State, New World Order, etc.. They control the political “levers of power” and have unlimited funding, which means results will likely be delayed until well past the 2022 Elections (and Court rulings are impossible to predict).
4. Help find outstanding Local, State and Federal candidates (maybe you?) and help define the important policy agendas for 2022 and 2024. Enroll enough candidates to replace all of the current politicians in office. Let’s start with a clean slate? We need to help our candidates win in local School Boards, District Attorneys and Judges; State Assemblies and Senates, State Elective Offices for Governor, Secretary of State and Attorney General; and All Federal Offices. In addition, we need to monitor and promote key appointments (e.g. Local Election Commissioners, Police Chiefs.)
5. Devote your Election time and money to voter awareness and turn-out to WIN in 2022-2024.
6. Stand Together, Support Your Fellow Americans.


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