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Plandemic 2.0 Must Be Stopped

Top | Français | Deutsch | Nederlands | Português Brasileiro | Mexicano | Awareness is building that the Covid-19 Pandemic was “Government Take-Over”. The facts are clear (some from the very beginning). We must stop government overreach using our health as justification. People must be held accountable and punished. COVID-19 PANDEMIC FACTS Covid-19 is a  Full Article…


Global Freedom Action Plan

Top | Français | Deutsch | Nederlands | Português Brasileiro | Mexicano | Русский | The global effort has started to prevent governments from restricting freedom and controlling lives. In addition to replacing all culpable leaders, politicians and bureaucrats; rapid and effective steps must be taken, including: Restore the “doctor-patient relationship” as the primary human  Full Article…


Covid Vaccines Spread Covid

The current Covid-19 Vaccines only work for a few months and some remove natural immunity. As a result, those vaccinated can become infected multiple times with break through infections and they become super spreaders who infect others. This is why Covid cases and deaths spike as the percentage of those vaccinated increases. If the vaccines  Full Article…