Supporting America

America needs our support! If we don’t get busy, America will be a Communist Country run by the current “Oligarchy of Elites”. So, what can we do:


Our immediate Mission is: A) Honest Elections; B) Voter Turn-Out ; and C) Freedom, Liberty, Justice, Rule of Law and State Rights . Anything else may be worthwhile but if we don’t WIN in 2022 and 2024 by sticking with our ABC’s it likely will not matter.


Put your primary focus in the next six months on: Honest Elections, School Propaganda, Crime, Lock-downs, and Voter Awareness/Orientation.


Write checks for things you want to support, but be sure there are clear objectives and accountable action plans that can lead to positive results; fund the ABC’s first.

Fundraisers, please come up with a better approach. Perhaps “Funding Based on Delivery to Plan” or some “America First Fund” that doles out monies to various deserving projects with proper accountability?

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