Keep America Great!


1. Enforce Laws, Stop Crime, Push Back Against Government Tyranny and Freedom Restrictions in America and support Global Freedom Initiatives.

2. Primary all the “Long-Term”, “Crooked” Congress and Senate (of all parties) to get a fresh start; Elect fair, honest, competent and hard-working people who understand and respect their job; and who wish to return home as Citizens after a few terms in office; Vote to increase the Conservative control of State Legislatures, State Elective Offices and State Judges to enable State Rights; and appoint Conservative Federal Judges and Cabinet Heads.

3. Ensure Honest Elections.

  • Require Voter ID;
  • Use Paper Ballots (no Voting Machines);
  • Make Mail-In Ballots A Special Situation;
  • Restrict Early and Late Voting;
  • Restrict Outside Funding of the Voting Process.

4. Control The Deep State and Reduce Government at all levels:

  • Establish Federal, State and Local Term Limits for politicians and bureaucrats
  • Remove and prevent unnecessary government agencies and regulations
  • Ban Unions in Civil Service
  • Balance the Federal Budget;
  • Return Federal Public Lands to the States.

5. Support Your Fellow Citizens and Take Action!

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