Conservatives Are Mocked For Covid Disbelief

Conservatives Must Get The Message Out About the Covid Pandemic Hoax for 2024!

Don’t Look Up (Dec, 2021) was a Netflix Covid Propaganda Movie made by Hollywood Elites mocking Conservatives for having the belief Covid is a Hoax to gain Government Control. The movie storyline is about a meteor (Covid) discovered by DiCaprio (Fauci) that will hit the Earth in six-months and destroy Civilization. President Streep (Trump), her Chief of Staff (Donald Jr.) and others don’t take the impending doom seriously, try to blow the meteor up in space to get minerals, and the earth is destroyed when their efforts fail.

Conservatives should make a sequel movie, maybe “Don’t Look Down“, showing the Covid-related Arrests and Trials of those who lied and helped kill people worldwide and negatively impacted: freedom, K-12 education, family unit, religion, and small business. The real Anthony Fauci should have a starring role.

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