Conservative Leader Disparagement Syndrome

America was founded as a “Constitutional Republic” giving “Power to The People” and “Keeping Government Small”.

Beginning in 1864 the Federal Government began to assert Federal Supremacy over new States and it took more new State lands (US is now 27% Federal land). Beginning with Woodrow Wilson, Federal Government Control increased.

Today, The People are represented by a sizable contingent of very elderly, career politicians (50% US Senate, 25% US House). “The Deep State” runs the swamp. The mainstream media, unions and corporate interests are corrupt. Biden is a visible leader with associates/elites (i.e. an “Oligarchy of Elites”).

What started on the left as Trump Derangement Syndrome should not be allowed to morph on the right into Conservative Leader Disparagement Syndrome.

Donald Trump did not create this situation. It is wrong to blame him for not fixing all our problems in 4-years or saying he made things worse because the left hated him and he didn’t control them.

Conservatives must better understand the dynamics of our information society and stand together to back leaders who can protect the American Dream and keep us Free.

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