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Radical Gender Theory In American Schools

Chris Rufo’s investigative reporting establishes a number of facts pertaining to Radical Gender Theory.  He has published his investigative reporting series on radical gender theory in America’s schools. These stories had a dramatic impact on the national conversation, driving nearly 500 million direct media impressions and changing the national debate. But, more than anything, they  Full Article…

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American Marxism

The Biden “Oligarchy of Elites” is boldly implementing American Marxism following Saul Alinsky’s “Rules For Radicals” Playbook: Lie, Obfuscate and Deflect from Truth (embrace MainStreamMedia and BigTech), Create Panic and Discord (Climate, Covid Pandemic, Domestic Terrorism, ??), Control the Economy (energy, health care, food, employment, woke businesses), Tear Down American History and Religion, Destroy the  Full Article…

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How Do We Help Create Intact Families

Make it clear there is a good reason to have two parents in the home and believe in the importance of a family unit. Make it clear that two parents mean a male father and a female mother. Both sexes have different things they bring to the family. In today’s world children are created by  Full Article…

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