American Schools Have Failed

Today, our school children are de facto being placed outside our control by Federal, State and Local Government for learning, masks, vaccines and their version of “normalcy”. In many instances the Teacher’s Unions and School Boards act like they are raising our kids not parents … and they are frequently by their policies and actions anti-child, anti-parent, anti-education quality, anti-normal, and anti-American.

WE NEED TO GET INVOLVED AND TAKE BACK OUR SCHOOLS NOW! (Even if we don’t have children in school.)

We must focus on: A) Honest Elections; B) Voter Turn-Out; and C) Freedom, Liberty, Justice, Rule of Law and State Rights. We must stick with our own ABC’s to WIN.

In addition to Honest Elections, our immediate action should be: Eliminating School Propaganda (Critical Race Theory-CRT, 1619 vs. 1776, Gender Identity), Lock-downs, Vaccination Policy, Child Health, Child Safety, and School Choice.

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