American Marxism Enabled by Covid Hoax

The Biden “Oligarchy of Elites” continue to implement American Marxism using our Covid-19 Fears to dominate American Society. We must win 2022 and 2024 Elections at all levels, and push-back when they run their Playbook which includes:

  • Lie, Obfuscate and Deflect from Truth using Main Stream Media, Big Pharma and Big Tech,
  • Create Panic and Discord (Climate, Covid Pandemic, Afghanistan, Domestic Terrorism, ??),
  • Control the Economy (energy, health care, food, employment, woke businesses),
  • Tear Down American History and Religion and Destroy the Family Unit,
  • Create a Welfare State (food stamps, subsidies, income without work) and Unionize the Work Force,
  • Redistribute Wealth and Support Equity not Equality,
  • Take Away Guns, Tear Down the Police, Politicize and Subjugate the Military,
  • Make Blacks the Victims and Turn Them Against Whites, Make Whites the Oppressors and Label Them As Unworthy,
  • Propagandize Youth (CRT, 1619),
  • Crush Free Speech and Dissent (allow Main Stream Media and Big Tech to suppress truth),
  • Bankrupt the Government (Spend $10 Trillion to Buy the Poor and Reward Cronies),
  • Nationalize Federal Elections, and
  • Increase Government Control to Achieve Total Dominance.

They are closely following Saul Alinsky’s “Rules For Radicals”. The following chart from makes valid points comparing Communism Indoctrination Techniques to the Biden Covid-19 Hoax Playbook:

Communism vs Covid Chart

Communism vs. Covid Chart

Link to Communism vs. Covid Chart JPG

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